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So you're a savvy salesmen and want to find out more about our AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM?

Let's start with the bare bones, it's simple - we provide you with a LINK that you can use to embed...well, wherever really! Hint: BLOGS, MAILINGS LISTS, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM.

When your link is clicked, the "clicker" is directed to the Grass store and our affiliation tracking software monitors their every move...(not quite, but close). Said "clicker" does some browsing, and if he/she makes a purchase, cha-ching, your account goes up and you receive 10% of the total purchase value. Easy as that!

Every referred "click" is remembered for 30 days - meaning that if Mr Clicker clicks your link, does some browsing, leaves without purchasing anything, however 3 weeks later returns to our site and this time makes a purchase - you will still receive the affiliate commission.

Other than that, it is completely free to join this program, and upon joining, we will provide you with all the marketing material you may need.

Looking forward to working with you!

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